Dynamic & Engaging Speaker

Dr. Stanislaw has spoken to audiences ranging in size from 10 to over 1000 people, on diabetes as well as a wide variety of natural health topics. Her presentations are guaranteed to be inspirational and educational. If you have a group or program in need of an expert on type 1 diabetes or natural health, click here to inquire about having Dr. Stanislaw come to your event.





Sample Topics:

  • 5 Keys to Successful Blood Sugar Management
  • How to T.H.R.I.V.E. with Type 1 Diabetes
  • How to Exercise Without Going Low
  • How to Travel Successfully with Type 1 Diabetes
  • Transforming Challenges into Strength
  • Simple steps for finding peace within
  • How to Stay Healthy During Cold/Flu Season



Very few speakers on diabetes have ever engaged me as much as Dr. Stanislaw. Her personal and professional expertise, plus her contagious enthusiasm are a rare and priceless combination.  I feel honored to have met her. She is fantastic gift to the T1D community!”
– ConnecT1D Family Camp participant


“I’ve had diabetes for 30 years and Dr. Stanislaw’s talk was the best I’ve ever heard. She is fun, upbeat, inspirational, and has a better grasp on blood sugar management than any doctor I’ve ever met.” – ConnecT1D Adult Weekend Retreat participant


Best presentation we’ve ever had.
– California Naturopathic Doctor Association


I’ve never had such a clear grasp on treating diabetes in all my years of practicing medicine as I now have after Dr. Stanislaw’s 1 hour presentation.”
– American Association of Restorative Medicine conference participant


“I appreciated learning from someone who so clearly walks her talk. I left with easy tips for how to improve my health and left feeling very inspired. Dr. Jody is a fantastic presenter!”
– The Trail Creek Wellness Institute


Dr. Stanislaw is vibrant, enthusiastic, motivational and inspirational. Trying to improve my health has always been a challenge. In her presentation, she laid out a simple formula for how to make healthy changes that last and I walked away with a realistic plan I can add to my life. She is a great speaker with a great message!”
Sun Valley Wellness Festival participant


“Dr. Jody kept me engaged the entire 3 hours of her fantastic presentation. Her content is life-changing and simple to grasp.  She is full of passion and inspiration. I am definitely moved to apply all the brilliant wisdom she shared!”
– @ Chiva Som International Health Spa, Thailand


“I learned more about how to reduce my aggravating spring allergy symptoms in her 60 minute talk than I have from years of doctor’s appointments. Thank you Dr. Jody for providing such quality and helpful information!”
–  @ The Zenergy Wellness Center, Sun Valley, Idaho


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having Dr. Stanislaw present to your group.