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  1. The 3 Essentials of lowering your A1c. Click here to listen.

  2. How to improve your blood sugar control. Click here to listen.

  3. Need some diabetes inspiration?! Click here to listen.

  4. Four reasons for sugar cravings and how to stop them. Click here to listen

  5. How to deal with the uncertainty of diabetes. Click here to listen.

  6. Click here to watch this inspiring 60 min video interview on entitled: The Naturopathic Approach to Diabetes Care.

  7. This is a fun little 4 min video interview answers the question: Are Carbs GOOD for you? or BAD? 

  8. …And here is the full 60min talk on Are CARBS GOOD for you? or BAD?

  9. This is a fun little 7 min video interview that gives you the 3 most key steps for how to make healthy habits stick.

  10. Do you suffer from SEASONAL ALLERGIES? Listen in to Dr. Jody’s simple yet powerful advice for how to eliminate those annoying symptoms and enjoy breathing free and clear again. Click here to listen.

  11. Power-packed with simple tips for HOW to HAVE a HAPPIER & HEALTHIER LIFE, tune into this great 30min interview and learn valuable takeaways you can easily apply to your life.  Click here to listen.

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Dr. Jody’s diabetes expertise is life-changing. My blood sugar levels have improved more since following her recent advice than in the previous decade of living with diabetes. Thank you! -Patrick Graff, Type 1 x 13 yrs


I’ve learned more from Dr. Jody in the 4 months I’ve known her than I ever did during the past 40 years of living with Type 1. – Pam Moskal, age 52, Type 1 x 40yrs


Dr. Jody’s expertise about diabetes is incredibly empowering. I am healthier, happier, more confident, and more knowledgable because of working with her. Thank you Dr. Jody!” – Franny Finstrom, age 33, LADA x 3 yrs


Dr. Jody Stanislaw provided me with the most comprehensive knowledge and direction for how to obtain good diabetes care, physically as well as emotionally, that I’ve ever received from any doctor. -Maria Davies, age 49, Type 1 x 33 yrs

print_DrJody_8-200x300Dr. Jody Stanislaw has helped hundreds of people with diabetes live HAPPIER and HEALTHIER lives. She has a virtual practice so you can work with Dr. Jody, no matter where you live. Take a look at the extraordinary results her patients have experienced. You could be next.

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