An Adventurous Journey of Finding Peace Within

by Dr. Jody Stanislaw

HUNGER is a captivating true story of the year I worked at an elite health spa in Thailand. It is an exhilarating story of power, courage, and adventure. The detail of each chapter is so vivid, you’ll feel like you are right there next to me, while also being inspired by the life lessons I share throughout.





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An Amazing Story…Hunger is an extremely well written and captivating story. Once you start reading you will not want to put Hunger down. Where is Dr. Jody going?…what is she thinking?…what will happen next?…these answers come tumbling out with words that create pictures to answer those questions. Dr. Jody is a gifted writer who shares those skiills by telling her own story of adventure and enlightenment.” – Miles


Another Eat Pray Love…..I didn’t know what to expect before reading Hunger. But I was hooked after page one. This book is full of adventure, wisdom and insight. I loved living vicariously through Jody as she underwent her ‘vigorous’ on the job training at one of the most luxurious health resorts in the world, as she experienced the ups and downs and incredible transformation in consciousness during her 10 day silent retreat, even her experience of a week long fast that left her barely able to walk let alone make the long journey back to work.

 Also, I had no idea what it meant to live with type 1 diabetes. It is inspirational to see how she draws from her experience as a person living with diabetes to heal others via the four pillars of health. I fell in love with Jody’s courage, sense of adventure and spirit as I followed along with her on her journey. Highly recommended.” – Amy


“Captivating, Fun & Insightful!...Jody’s vivacious, down-to-earth personality shines through the pages. As someone who once lived in Thailand, I can say Jody does a wonderful job giving the reader a feel for the country and the people. I loved Jody’s no-holds-barred sharing of her thoughts and feelings as she traveled through the ups and downs of her adventurous journey. HUNGER is captivating, fun and insightful and a worthwhile read.” – Dinah


Captivating Read…Reading Hunger is akin to having a refreshing, real and human conversation with Dr. Jody Stanislaw! As we share her personal journey for finding peace within, Jody’s evocative descriptions of her surroundings, her human connections, her feelings and her experiences while working in a foreign culture provide the impetus for her readers to hunger for a life of intention rather than one of reaction. Armed with inspiration, Dr. Jody’s book goes on to provide her readers with practical, clearly-defined techniques to guide us as we pursue our own personal quest to attain our deepest desires, to have that for which we hunger. I highly recommend this book! – Leslie


Fun, Insightful, and Engaging…Dr. Jody writes in such an easy way that it’s fun to read along and it’s hard to put the book down. She writes as if she is speaking directly to you and telling you her story with vivid detail. Throughout the book are her life insights that she so willingly shares. The book is a story, as well as philosophy, comedy, and personal sharing on a deep level. This book is perfect for those who are seeking confirmation about the mysteries of life as they unfold, and how to find your path in the myriad of possibilities.” – Diana

More about HUNGER:

       Jody has never been one to follow the beaten track. After graduating from a holistic medical school at the age of thirty-five, the last thing she wanted was to find herself stuck in a job confined within the white walls of a sterile hospital. Dr. Jody was hungry for adventure. After discovering a job post in search of a resident physician at an elite health spa for the rich and famous, beachside in Thailand, she immediately contacted the resort and was hired on the spot. Just days later, she sold practically everything she owned, said good-bye to her friends and family, and boarded a plane to Bangkok.

       In this true story, every exhilarating chapter gives you the feel of being right there next to Dr. Jody during her many and varied adventures throughout her year in Thailand, such as when she made the shocking realization of how unhappy many of her wealthy clients were; to when in her hunger for improving her own health she only ingested water for a week, leaving her with anything but improved health; to her exciting trip to Bangkok to meet with a team of stem cell scientists who promised they could fulfill her lifelong hunger to be cured of juvenile diabetes…and many more thrilling stories.

       But riding along next to Dr. Jody during her amazing adventures is not only what the reader will enjoy. Throughout the book, Jody exposes her lifelong insatiable hunger for peace and wellness. Displaying courageous vulnerability, she exposes her own personal trials and tribulations, and yet infuses every chapter with the life lessons she discovered for how to overcome them.

       Beautifully, readers will be inspired to harness the wisdom shared throughout the book and as a result, be moved to make a transformation in their own life.

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Dr. Jody’s diabetes expertise is life-changing. My blood sugar levels have improved more since following her recent advice than in the previous decade of living with diabetes. Thank you! -Patrick Graff, Type 1 x 13 yrs


I’ve learned more from Dr. Jody in the 4 months I’ve known her than I ever did during the past 40 years of living with Type 1. – Pam Moskal, age 52, Type 1 x 40yrs


Dr. Jody’s expertise about diabetes is incredibly empowering. I am healthier, happier, more confident, and more knowledgable because of working with her. Thank you Dr. Jody!” – Franny Finstrom, age 33, LADA x 3 yrs


Dr. Jody Stanislaw provided me with the most comprehensive knowledge and direction for how to obtain good diabetes care, physically as well as emotionally, that I’ve ever received from any doctor. -Maria Davies, age 49, Type 1 x 33 yrs

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