Anywhere in the world,
you can work with Dr. Jody
in the following ways:

#1 – Appointments over Skype or phone
#2 – Lifestyle Transformation Program
#3 – Personalized, Face-to-Face In-Home Transformation


#1 – Phone/Skype appointments:

In your initial 90 minute appointment, Dr. Jody will gather information on your heath concern(s), as well as capture the picture of your daily lifestyle habits. She will then design a personalized & comprehensive Health & Wellness Treatment Plan just for you.

Your Health & Wellness Treatment Plan will include some or all of the following as needed:

¨    A supplementation program designed to ensure you are meeting all of your basic nutrient needs

¨    Herbal medicinals specifically targeted to improve your condition

¨    Nutritional counseling

¨    Support for imporving sleep

¨    Emotional health support

¨    Fitness guidelines and support

      …As well as the tools needed for you to actually reach and maintain your health goals

#2 – Lifestyle Transformation Program:

The Lifestyle Transformation Program is Dr. Jody’s most popular offering given the extraordinary results experienced by patients that enroll in this life-changing program. Over 3 months, you will enjoy weekly calls with Dr. Jody in which she will support you in taking small baby steps each week in the 4 most important areas of your life. These 4 areas set your foundation for well-being and include: your nutrition, sleep, exercise, and emotional well-being. For people with diabetes, time will also be spent focusing on how to achieve better blood sugar levels.

This program is entirely individualized based on what areas you desire the most support in, however all 4 areas will be covered. By the end, you not only will have made huge strides in each area, but you’ll have adopted new healthy habits that now come to you with ease.

If you are ready to make a huge leap in not only improving your health, but your life overall, this extraordinary offering is perfect for you.

#3 – Face-to-Face Lifestyle Transformation at your Home

If you would like to make a significant overhaul in your daily health habits, nothing is more powerful than having Dr. Jody come to your home to design a personalized blueprint for success you and your family.

This program can be tailored for individuals or an entire household. You will have an initial phone call to discuss what your goals are and to design the schedule, in terms of what days and how many hours each day. (Most choose to spend anywhere between 2-5 days with Dr. Jody.)

This life-changing program includes any or all of the following:

**  Day 1 Get-to-Know-You meeting: to discuss where you (and, if applicable, your family as a whole) are at now in terms of The 4 Pillars of Health…nutrition, exercise, sleep, and emotional well-being…and to design the game plan for your time togehter

**  A total Kitchen Clean-out session, followed by menu re-design, shopping list examples, plus a trip through the grocery store to learn how to make healthy grocery shopping simple

**  An analysis of where you are at today in terms of fitness, and making a realistic plan for improvement

**  Stress reduction techniques such as breathing exercises to do during the day & basic morning or evening meditation practices

**  For those with diabetes, intense blood sugar management monitoring and specialized training for how to consistently achieve healthy blood sugar levels

**  A detailed discussion on any natural health topic of your choice given any current health challenges and/or general interest

This option is great for those looking for:

**  An overhaul of your nutrition habits to finally be able to achieve your goal weight
**  The motivation you’ve been lacking to make needed changes in your health
**  The skills to finally acheive good blood sugar levels
**  A special gift for mom or the whole family
**  An added bonus to a girl’s weekend
**  An extended time with Dr. Jody to answer all of your natural health questions

Make TODAY the day your health turns around… 

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