Anywhere in the world,
you can work with Dr. Jody

 (over phone/Skype)

Here are your 3 options:

#1 – Three 60 minute appointments

#2 – 3 Month Group Diabetes Training

#3 – 3 Month VIP Partnership Transformation Program


#1 – Three 60 minute appointments

If you’ve had diabetes for years but just need a few questions answered, help fine tuning your blood sugar levels, diet, exercise, and/or the like, this is the option for you. Whatever your main challenges are, we will focus on solving them. The time is used for whatever questions you have. You will learn a lot of new information, however it will be up to you to apply it to see results. 


#2 – 3 Month Group Diabetes Training

This life-changing program includes one 60 minute training or Q & A call every week for 3 months. You will learn incredibly valuable diabetes management information in each of the six 60 minute training calls, which you will receive during weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. The alternating weeks, you will enjoy a live Q & A call with Dr. Jody, where you can ask any questions that came up for you while applying the learning from the previous week, or any other diabetes or health related questions that you may have.


#3 – 3 Month VIP Partnership Transformation Program

If you would like to make a significant improvement in your diabetes care, as well as overall health, nothing is more powerful than this exclusive, private program.

This life-changing program includes:

** A focus not only on improving your diabetes, but also your overall physical and emotional health

** Blood sugar management adjustments, basal rate plus meal time

** Key skills for how to consistently achieve optimal blood sugar levels

** Healthy, blood-sugar friendly meal ideas

** Advice on how to better manage and avoid lows

** How to exercise with a perfect blood sugar level 

** How to exercise without going low or having to eat a ton of food

** Supplement recommendations for how to protect the body against complications

** Stress reduction techniques

This option is for you if you’d like:

** To finally be able to achieve steady blood sugar levels

** To go to bed without worrying about going low while you sleep

** To wake up with a perfect blood sugar level, consistently

** Ideas for delicious, healthy, quick and easy, blood-sugar-friendly meals and snacks

** Support from a medical professional who walks in your shoes on a daily basis

** To work with a holistic minded doctor who doesn’t want to give you a bunch of RXs

** Motivation to make positive changes in your health you haven’t been able to on your own

** Extended time with Dr. Jody so you can resolve your frustration and confusion by having your diabetes related questions finally answered


If all of this sounds good to you, 

to schedule your complimentary
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I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Dr. Jody Stanislaw