The first ever T1D event
in gorgeous Sun Valley, Idaho 
was a huge success!

(It was held June 9th – 11th, 2017.)




This event has already occurred but stay tuned for information about a likely 2nd Annual T1D Fun in The Sun Weekend in spring of 2018! To be sure to be informed, get on my newsletter list by signing up on the home page of this website for the free gift. (Just click on ‘home’ above and you’ll see the sign-up box on the right.) Message me if you’re interested in attending next year! Would love to have you! – Dr. Jody

Here are the details of the event (which has already occured):

Welcome! Come enjoy a fabulous weekend shared with others just like you…amazing people with T1D from all over the country! Friends and family are encouraged to join!

Why should you come to this fantastic weekend event? Just look at that photo above…wouldn’t you love to be there?! Well that is exactly where you’ll be during this event! (I took that photo on one of the hikes you will have the option of doing.) Of course, also because gathering with a group of people who share the same struggle will likely be a very nourishing experience for you.

This is not a boring conference. It’s going to be a phenomenally fun weekend! Imagine a fantastic vacation with amazing people with Type 1! Together we will explore the beautiful outdoors, via hiking and/or scenic walking, as well as eating and cooking together. During the cooking classes, you’ll enjoy preparing and tasting a wide array of delicious low-carb recipes for you to use when you go back home.

Check out all these great benefits to you!

  • Connect with others who truly understand your life with T1D
  • Learn life-changing tips for how to keep your blood sugar balanced while exercising
  • Exercise outdoors in some of the most beautiful scenery you’ve ever seen!
  • Get your hands dirty and have a blast during our delicious, low-carb cooking classes
  • Gain great new healthy meal ideas and recipes to enjoy once you return home
  • Put diabetes burnout behind you as you return home feel empowered and inspired!
  • Be inspired by learning secret blood sugar balancing tips you might have never learned before
  • Make new T1D friends that you’ll be able to stay in touch with via our Facebook page once you return home!


The entire event will be hosted by me, Dr. Jody Stanislaw, Certified Diabetes Educator and T1D since I was seven years old. (That’s 37 years, but who’s counting?!) I will be sharing many of my secrets for how I’ve kept my A1c between 5.5% – 6.2% for the past 10 years. We will also have the pleasure of my dear friend and fellow T1D extraordinaire Daniele Hargenrader, the Diabetes Dominator, joining us and presenting as a guest speaker. Throughout the weekend, you will learn many of my top insights for how to achieve excellent blood sugar control, many that perhaps you’ve never even heard before.

I hope to meet you in person here in Sun Valley, Idaho, June 9th – 11th!


WHEN: Friday, June 9th – 11th, 2017…feel free to come early/stay late! Bring your friends and family too! It would be great to have at least one of your biggest supporters join so they can be on the same page with you once you return home. Besides, this area is one of the top destination resort towns in the country! It’s pretty hard not to have a fabulous time here. You can read more about this fabulous area by clicking here.



Friday Night:

  • Delicious Healthy, Low-carb Dinner & Welcome Event, 6-9pm, held at 280 Northwood Way, 83340


  • Outdoor group activities 10am – 2pm (scenic walk or hiking)
  • (2-3pm = time to go back to your hotel and change)
  • A delightfully fun, hands-on, healthy, low-carb cooking class, 3-5:30pm
  • Dinner (we’ll just have joyfully made it together) + Socializing, 6-9pm


  • Outdoor group activities 10am – 12pm (scenic walk or hiking)
  • Lunch – delicious and low-carb, 1-2pm
  • Group discussions on various T1D topics, 2-5pm
  • Dinner + evening socializing, 7pm until whenever you’re ready for bed!


*Average temps in June are high of 70F and low of 40F. You can expect daytime to be in the 60’s, and we generally have lots of sunshine!

*Our meeting space for the entire weekend will be at the north end of the town of Ketchum, at 280 Northwood Way, Ketchum, Idaho 83340.


TRAVEL: Drive into Sun Valley, Idaho, zip 83340. OR fly into Boise, Idaho…and then rent a car for the 2.5hr drive to Sun Vally. OR, there is a small airport in Sun Valley, Idaho that you could fly into as well. The town is small enough that you don’t really need a car once you are here, although it would come in handy if you want to do your own thing (yet the city buses are free and run all the time too).


  • Friday night dinner and welcome party
  • Saturday’s healthy and delicious lunch and dinner
  • Sunday’s healthy and delicious lunch and dinner
  • Tasty low carb snacks and desserts!
  • *(all meals will be whole/real food (nothing processed), low carb, and delicious!)
  • Saturday + Sunday daytime, outdoor activity
  • Saturday + Sunday cooking classes

The cost for this amazing event is only $375.

I want you to have the opportunity to stay where you’d like so lodging will be on you. Options listed below include everything from camping to Five Star hotels.

WHERE TO STAY: Lots of options! (in order from higher cost to lower)
**The Sun Valley Resort, first-class resort; has it’s own mini town around it; 20 min walk to center of town

**The Limelight Hotel (brand new, very hip; opened Dec 2016) (right on southern edge of town)

**The Knob Hill Inn (quaint and fancy, right on northern edge of town)

**Kentwood Lodge (right in the middle of town; an upgraded Best Western)

**Tamarack Lodge (right in the middle of town)

**Tyrolean Lodge/Best Western (probably least expensive option)

** (rentals by owners) –> good areas are Ketchum, Warm Springs, River Run, Elkorn, Sun Valley; Hailey will be 20-30 min drive away; Bellevue will be 30+ min drive away

** (vacation rentals by owners)

**RV Park

**Plus lots of camp grounds near town!

If you need transportation over the weekend, that will be available for a small, extra fee. Yet the city buses are free, convenient, and run often. (And by the way, the center of town only has 3 stop lights, so it’s pretty easy to even walk everywhere!)


HOW TO REGISTER: Send an email to


This event is the first of it’s kind…a time to gather and feel empowered while having a blast with other people living with type 1 diabetes. My goal is that you go home smiling more than you have in ages!

See you in Sun Valley, June 9th – 11th, 2017!

Dr. Jody Stanislaw

**Headshot, outside, hair up = my favorite










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