The Four ESSENTIAL Pillars of Health

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Being truly healthy is much more than just about the absence of disease. Optimal health includes waking up with energy and enthusiasm, feeding your body well, getting adequate rest and regular exercise, feeling good in your body, and having joy and peace in your heart.

As a naturopath, I work with patients to not just help you be free of your main complaint, but also to support you in having a strong Four Pillars of Health, which are as follows:

  1. Nutritious Food…the very fuel for every cell in your body
  2. Adequate Sleep & Rest…your most powerful anti-aging tool
  3. Physical Activity…the cleaning crew for every inch of your body
  4. Emotional Well-being…at the heart of everything you do


The Four Pillars of Health set the foundation for your overall health and well-being. If even one area is weak, optimal health is not achievable. Keeping them robust is the work of a lifetime.  So here are some simple ways to strengthen your Four Pillars of Health:

Nutritional Intake:

  • Eat three different colors of vegetables today
  • Buy a new vegetable each time you go to the grocery store

Adequate Sleep & Rest:

  • Take 20 deep breaths as you fall asleep tonight, imagining exhaling out all stress and tension
  • If you generally wake up to go to the bathroom, avoid all liquids after 6pm tonight

Physical Activity:

  • Go outside right now for a 5 min brisk walk…great way to clear your head & rejuvenate your energy
  • Do 50 sit ups before you go to bed tonight

Emotional Well-being:

  • Think of 5 – 10 things you are grateful for in your life…either share them with someone or write them down right now or before the end of the day
  • Put your hand on your heart and whisper, ‘I love you’…(especially if this feels challenging for you)


Increasing your health and vitality can be this simple. I encourage you to pick one or two of the above and incorporate them before the end of today. By doing so, enjoy feeling an extra jump in your step!

If you would like to learn more simple ways to increase your vitality via strengthening your Four Pillars of Health, apply for a free health consultation over the phone with Dr. Jody by clicking here. Based upon availability and Dr. Jody’s schedule, you will be contacted within a week to schedule a phone appointment.

I am dedicated to helping others feel more health and vitality in their lives. I hope this article brought you inspiration to take an extra step to honor your body today. I’m honored and grateful to my readers. Thank you! 

To your Vitality!

Dr. Jody Stanislaw

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